You Are Under Construction

Have you ever blown it? Have you ever let someone down? We all have. The emotions that usually follow feel like a backpack of bricks. We feel shame when we recognize the deficit between what we perceive ourselves to be with what we actually are.

Wouldn’t it be a relief if, in those moments, you could just throw your hands up, shrug your shoulders, and say, “What do you expect? I’m a work in progress!”


…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. (Philippians 1:6)

God will finish His work!

The Bible says you are “under construction.” When you drive into a construction zone, what do you expect? You expect delays. You expect a mess. You expect some chaos. You expect to see things in progress. The expectation is that in a construction zone, things are not yet complete.

If you’ve decided to follow Jesus, your whole life has become a construction zone. The bad news: this construction project will last for your entire life. The good news: Jesus never sleeps on the job, He never runs short of funds, He’s a master architect, and He always finishes His work! When He’s finished, you will literally be perfect.

But…He’s not finished yet.

If you’re still walking the planet, then God is still working on you. That means I can guarantee you will continue to sin during your lifetime. But here’s how you can be free from guilt: shift your self-image from “someone who is supposed to be perfect” to “a work in progress.”

Even though you have not yet been perfected, God already views you as “perfect.” Seriously, God sees, not your sins and failures, but Jesus in you. It doesn’t matter that you’re not perfect yet, because Jesus already lived a perfect life.

Take joy in repentance.

Although it’s healthy to feel contrition and remorse for sin, we can truly take joy in repentance. When you repent of sin, it shows that you are still a work in progress. Recognizing our sin is a moment of remorseful conviction, but repenting of our sin should be a moment joyful celebration!

When you repent, you are living the gospel and proving the existence of the Holy Spirit in your life. If you find yourself repenting of sin often, it means “The Construction Worker is present.” The time to worry is when you stop repenting because you definitely haven’t stopped sinning.

Jesus would have been terrible on “Let’s Make a Deal.” He traded His righteousness for our guilt. This has been called “The Great Exchange.” It was terrible for Him and awesome for us.

Because of Jesus’ unimaginable trade, you have no right to bear your guilt anymore, because that guilt was already traded away to Jesus. So feel free to take off the backpack of bricks (aka guilt), shrug your shoulders, and say, “I’m a work in progress, but Jesus will finish His work!” A construction zone has never looked so good…

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  1. Jon G.

    As usual, good post. However, the image of Jesus as an architect is a bit troubling. All the architects and design engineers I know are borderline incompetent.

    I prefer to picture him as Master craftsman or contractor. but that’s just me and that opinion may be biased lol.

    • ryanvisconti

      Jon, at least Jesus would be a good architect if He were one. I admit, when I think of architect, I just think of Ted Mosby.

  2. William


    • ryanvisconti

      Thanks, William.


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