Get Your Ask in Gear

At a pastor’s conference this week, Ed Young encouraged us to get our ASK in gear. We should Always Seek Knowledge. Who knows something that you don’t know? Who has experienced something that you’ve yet to experience? Whatever your passion, calling, or line of work, you should never waste an opportunity to glean knowledge. It’s amazing how willing people are to share their wisdom with you!

Have you ever had a conversation where the other person just talked about herself the entire time? We all have. You walk away feeling dissatisfied, don’t you? When I find myself on the receiving end of a one way conversation, I usually assume the other person really needs someone to listen and I consider it an act of love to be that listener. But it’s weird how people will share their problems, without ever asking for wisdom.

We should always seek knowledge and wisdom. This is why I love talking to older people. Because of time’s steady passing, older people have learned valuable lessons about family, marriage, finances, and discipleship. I love to learn from other pastors, I love to get marriage advice from successful husbands. Learning is a responsibility we should all take seriously. When I exercise or drive, I listen to podcasts. That means for at least an hour a day, I’m learning from someone who has valuable wisdom that I need. (And it’s free!)

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How Much Sex Should You Have?

Short answer:

If you’re NOT married: absolutely NONE!

If you ARE married: an absolute TON!

Let’s start by acknowledging that this may get awkward for some. The Catholic Church gave sex a bad name when they exalted virginity above marriage. On the other hand, the Puritans celebrated sex. William Gouge, a Puritan minister who lived in the 16th century, said that married couples should engage in sex “with good will and delight, willingly, readily, and cheerfully.” In other words, do it often and have fun!

The world has tried to hijack sex from what God intended it for. God created man and then He created woman. Here’s the crazy thing, he made them with complimentary parts! He then conducted the first wedding in history and said, in the words of Nike,”just do it.”

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Road Rage Proves People Aren’t Good

Humans are not inherently “good.” Because we have a sinful nature, we are naturally inclined towards evil. “No one is righteous, not even one…” (Romans 3:10) One of the evidences for this is road rage.
Not long ago, I had a little road rage incident. Long story short: some guy thought I cut him off, and he proceeded to flip me off and make a gun gesture with his hand. He used his mock-gun to mime shooting me, mouthing, “I’m going to #$@!ing kill you!” It was pretty crazy.

The incident left me asking, how can a human being become so hateful and irate, at the flip of a switch, towards another person? If I had bumped into this guy at the grocery store, I doubt he would have had the gumption to threaten murdering me in person. But for some reason, when we get in our cars behind a couple inches of glass and metal, our inhibitions fade away and our true nature comes out. Continue reading “Road Rage Proves People Aren’t Good”

Go to Church or Drift Away

Would you do something casually if you knew it could kill you? Would you juggle chainsaws? Would you scale mountains without safety ropes? If you like your life, you’d probably say “no.” Christians risk everything when they make a habit of skipping church.

There are acceptable reasons to miss church. Everyone needs to go on vacation, you should if you can afford one. If you’re sick and contagious, stay home! We’ll pray for your healing over the phone, ok? If your kid just puked on you, you get a pass.

But many Christians attend church only 1-2 times a month. Often people say, “I was just so tired.” “I really needed a day to myself.” “I don’t need to be in a church to worship God.”

There’s a Purpose for This

The purpose of coming together in corporate worship is three-dimensional. You worship God. (You can experience a manifestation of His presence in a way unlike anything else.) You allow the Holy Spirit to convict you through the preaching of the Word. And lastly, you encourage other Christians with your presence while being encouraged yourself.

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