How Much Sex Should You Have?

Short answer:

If you’re NOT married: absolutely NONE!

If you ARE married: an absolute TON!

Let’s start by acknowledging that this may get awkward for some. The Catholic Church gave sex a bad name when they exalted virginity above marriage. On the other hand, the Puritans celebrated sex. William Gouge, a Puritan minister who lived in the 16th century, said that married couples should engage in sex “with good will and delight, willingly, readily, and cheerfully.” In other words, do it often and have fun!

The world has tried to hijack sex from what God intended it for. God created man and then He created woman. Here’s the crazy thing, he made them with complimentary parts! He then conducted the first wedding in history and said, in the words of Nike,”just do it.”

Simple formula: (God is good) + (God created sex) = Sex is Good Continue reading “How Much Sex Should You Have?”