Is It Ok To Be Mad At God?

There is an ignorant trend in our culture that says it’s ok to be “angry at God.” People will say things like, “When my mom died, I was angry at God.” Let’s be clear: it’s fine to be angry about suffering, tragedy, or pain. It’s fine to tell God that you are angry about a situation, but it’s never ok to be angry AT God.

This would imply that God has done something wrong, or that He is anything other than good. He is only good, righteous, and just. We are finite, limited, and relatively ignorant.

We don’t know why God allows what He allows. We forget that humanity is responsible for sin and it’s effects. God mercifully chose to forgive us through His grace and redeem us from the effects of sin when we place our faith in Jesus Christ.We have no reason to ever be anything other than thankful to God. A Christian can always have peace, joy, and hope in Jesus Christ. A Christian is never hopeless, because we know that our temporary heartache pales in comparison to the full weight of glory we will experience for eternity with Jesus.

If you feel anger about a tragic moment, then tell the Lord and experience His healing power, but we should never dare think to be angry AT the Lord. And if we are angry AT the Lord, we should repent of our sinful thinking and experience his loving correction. Remember that God is angrier about sin and suffering than any of us will ever be; He made everything “good.” He loves us more than we are capable of imagining. Rest assured, that even in the darkest storm, God is good and He loves you.

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