Honor is a Lost Art

I am passionate about the subject of honor. It’s a core value at Generation Church. The biblical meaning of the word “honor” is to treat something as valuable, to show respect. It communicates the concept of weightiness and significance. America is mostly a low-honor society. Most people refer to the President by his last name without the honor of his title. Children refer to parents as “old man” and “old lady.” Guys refer to their wives as “the old ball and chain.” When we dishonor others, we communicate that they are worthless, cheap, or commonplace.

I believe we need to restore the virtue of honor and the church can lead the way. We can restore honor to God with our reverence, recognizing Him as the loving Creator He is…not “The Big Guy upstairs!” We can strengthen families by restoring honor, teaching children to honor their parents, wives to honor their husbands, and husbands to honor their families. We can restore honor in our churches by honoring the guest, one another, and giving a portion of double-honor to those who preach and teach- that we might receive a double portion of blessing from God. Too many people want their pastor to just be a friend; but more than you need a friend, you need a pastor.

When we honor leaders in our lives, we come under a covering of supernatural protection. God uses leaders to shield us from the attacks of Satan and our own stupidity. Those who honor leaders actually honor God (remember the bible teaches that ALL authority is appointed by God.) Those who dishonor leaders come out from under than covering of protection and expose themselves to danger. Usually the same teenager who dishonors his parents eventually finds himself wondering how his life spun so far out of control.

The reason we have the greatest Army in the world is because honor is a key Army value. Our nation’s highest award is the Medal of Honor. Honor brings strength to a group because it communicates the great value of each individual member. When every member of a group has value, people aren’t abused or neglected. At least in our churches, we can begin restoring a high level of honor for one another and for God. God said, “I will honor those who honor me….”

Choose to be a person of honor.

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